Who is to blame? God or Man?

You can complain on priests who molest children, I mean I do too that is defenitley something that I don’t condone. But can you put the blame on God? The next sentence will explain how I mean: This mental derangement inside the skull of this man who is now a minister in a church would if there was no such thing as religion (or God) most defenetly be molesting children elsewhere. Pedophilia and other evils of earth would exist without religion. And: People are people, people are not God, man of earth are not perfect: People may claim to follow Jesus and worship God and belong to a certain religious group but that does not make them holy like God. Which is the thought behind this, that we need to separate God and religious people: they are not the same.

Most religious people are idiots, maybe idiots are drawn towards religion. That’s a different topic, psychology and not religion. Not saying everybody who is not religious are perfect people. Religion or anything else can’t turn “a good person” (a decent person) into an idiot. These are people who would have been idiots someplace else doing idiotic things someplace else if it wasn’t for religion and now these idiots just connect through religion instead/also.

People do stupid things in the name of God, but the bible speak of deadly sins which forbid people from doing evil. Yet people sin, they do harm. Man wrote the bible with claims (I say claims to be neutral in this matter) that it is the words of God; The Christian God is supposedly a figure who speaks of forgiveness and not being judgemental but there are Christians who (one example) hate the homosexuals and actively (and stupidly) spread hate towards these “sinners” whens it is expressed somewhere that it is the sin and not the sinner that is at fault.

God according to Michelangelo
God according to Michelangelo

There are soooo many things that can be discussed about religion. So many angles to approach. Then there are different religions and all of these are not the same so it is importnat to keep the individuality apart. What I intended to share with this entry is my own view. This is my view. Maybe I am not logical enough, I probably don’t have enough education to make absolutely accurate claim to anything regarding religion. But this is how I feel.

I hope it is clear that when I mention religious idiots that does not include all religious people, if you read my words you will notice that I feel most but not all religious people are idiots. That is important.

I am not the most God fearing woman on this planet, neither am I entirely atheistic. I am simply annoyed with atheists blaming God for everything that religious people do.

One last point, you can’t blame someone else for the things you do, or someone else do.

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