I Don’t Like Dining Out For 3 Reasons.

  1. I don’t know the conditions of which the food has been stored, handled or cooked in as far as the environmental cleanliness go.
  2. Germs, I can’t be a hundred percent certain that the food is not touched by anyones naked hands. Did every person in that kitchen wear latex gloves every time they handled every piece on the plate I am served?
  3. I like to choose where I place my calories, so I want to roughly know how much calories are in my meals plus I avoid too calorie heavy foods. I don’t calorie-count but I keep a somewhat-estimation in my head of what I consume each meal/day. Restaurants use sugar and cook the food in calorie-heavy sauces, plus more of the unhealthy kind which I can’t phantom since I have no experience in being in the kitchens of these places. I could Google but atm I am not interested enough to do that, I don’t feel like looking at disgusting things right now.


Being a health conscious person the healthier option is to cook at home. That way I minimise risks of contaminated, unpleasantly treated, not properly cared for fish and vegetables and anything else. There are plenty of sickos working in that business, you can not be a hundred percent certain no one did not do anything disgusting to the food. This dislike I have for eating out go for anything order-able that you can chew on, breakfast as McDonalds, a milkshake on the corner, anything. The food may not be any less dirty simply because its at a five star restaurant. And the money I can save is not a negative win. 

That’s my reasons.

Then there is pros to always cooking everything yourself like my son growing up with a mom who is “always” cooking and baking and the benefits he get from that. Here’s to eating in, cheers.

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