Earth’s Force Field (Documentary)

The Earths magnetic field, the protector of all life on Earth is under constant attack from deadly cosmic radiation. This invisible shield that we live in is weakening in a region over the South Atlantic, leaving it exposed to potentially lethal radiation. Is the Earth losing its magnetic field and doomed to a fate similar to Mars? Many scientists believe the answer lies in paleomagnetic data, and that this weakening may be a precursor to a magnetic field reversal; scientists know Earth is long overdue. However, humans were not around when the last reversal took place, so what does this mean for life?

Having watched this documentary, what is really happening to our earth became clear to me. The documentary provide the idea that earth’s force field is changing direction which is proven to occur every 200 000 years (we’re overdue). Yes, that means that north on a compass will be south. The force field thins out to make the change possible and thereby the melting of the polar ice, frequency of extreme weather etc. All caused by the rising temperature as the result of force field thinning because of this magnetic shift inside the earth core.

We, the humans, are not responsible for the climate change. That is a hoax, a global hoax. Global warming is a fact, the cause however, is not us.

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