Watched The Raid Redemption

The Raid Redemption
The Raid Redemption

Pulling a trigger is like ordering a takeout.

The fighting scenes in this one! They must have hired these fighters straight out of fighting clubs, no regular actors can learn this within the time to prepare for the movie right? These fighters don’t have lines so the theory wouldn’t be entierly fabricated. Watched on our LED TV, too dope. Too dope. I need to include a trailer in this post, don’t want to reveal too much so I chose this 3 minute long trailer with the meth lab fight scene:

Twenty elite cops. Thirty floors of hell. An elite force S.W.A.T team is sent in to a 30 floor complex building occupied by a drug lord and an army of killers. The Raid: Redemption from 2011 is an Indonesian action packed, 101 minutes long brutal bloody and violent fighting movie.

It’s on Netflix!

Sequel can be expected some times during 2014.


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