Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?

In a different sense than what that suggests. So, not really but let me explain. We subconsciously pick up on things, hints to a larger picture. This may manifest itself in dreams, what we subconsciously realise are brought to our attention. If we dream about losing our job or a loved one has decided to part ways from us we may have picked up on this subconsciously or even consciously. Therefore just cause we dream it and it actually happens it doesn’t mean it’s a prediction in that sense. Other times it’s just coincidental and sometimes when we believe something will happen we are unaware that we are making it happen by holding a strong hold of that belief, it draws us to it. We make it happen.

I see now that I could go deeper in to this than I originally had in mind. Though wont at the time. But if dreams can predict the future, it is bullshit.

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