My theory (gender dominant child molesters)


My theory on why mostly boys victims to molestation grow up to become molesters, in dominant statistics over girls.

I don’t see why a person who were molested as a child would grow up to molest him or herself. Is there something else to it, what decides if they do? Because I don’t believe it is that simple.

Most molestation victims are female and most molesters are male. Which mean that it’s mostly boy victims who become molesters as adults. Most female victims don’t become the predator.

My theory is cause men have higher interest in sex and due to molestation in their childhood/past their sex view become twisted. Women don’t have that same drive as men do about sex. (I don’t think women’s are in the genes as men’s, rather formed by life.) Women’s sex drive is often exaggerated because of men’s desire and porn (which come from men desire).

Now women can be totally insane, and thereby perform molestation.

This is my belief and I feel pretty rock solid on it.

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