My Opinion on Future – Honest

I need to comment on this video/track. It made me react.

Men say that women can’t handle the truth but TRUTH is you weren’t truthful from the beginning. Fuck you think dropping the truth after playing her along for a while or long. You should have been straight from the start, not leading her on… not allowing her to think it’s actually the two of you and nobody else. Then the dude call her crazy because she’s sad and angry with you… she IS because she developed feelings for you. And it’s all on you, man. Tell a woman what you want from the go, if you aren’t clear, she will fall for you. But if you tell the woman, you won’t get the pussy. Most likely, right? Have yourself some fucking responsibility and DECENCY of not breaking the heart of a woman. I’m sure there are sluts you can be real with from the start and who don’t want anything serious anyway. Bring on the hate! It’s the truth anyway. Like in this video, he’s telling her the truth when she’s already in her wedding dress. Then go bitches can’t handle the truth! Da fuck…. and I thought men were logical. That’s the most stupid shit ever. Then they think women want lies, fuck even women think they want lies, because of these types of dudes.

Me, I love the truth. But be truthful from the GO, don’t fucking start with lies then decide later on it’s time to be truthful. Spare me the fucking time. Show me enough respect to let me decide for myself what I want by telling me your true agenda from the START.

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