Men Can’t Respect You If You Don’t Respect Yourself

Men can’t respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

And while you praise (mostly by men) that commonly used phrase let me continue by explaining the ignorance surrounding it.

A girl who does not respect herself has most often and more likely gone through much pain in her life. It did in some sense begin with her parents and a possible and reoccuring scenario is the lack in moral and knowledge of the adults who was suppose to teach her these, amongst more, essential skills to do well in life. Often she wasn’t taught to respect herself because her parents did not respect her. Growing up in a fatherless household with substance abuse or other dysfunctional situations reflecting trauma in to a girl can permanently alter her perception of both her own self, her self worth and does not teach her how to make a good life for herself. 

Then she meet a man who continue her already damaging life style. A man who continue to inflict pain in to an already hurting soul. It’s not a girls fault that she does not respect herself, I wish all men would consider this but it has become too well clear to me that alongside the shaping of a girl who does not respect herself, boys grow up and does not learn to respect girls. 

Preying on the weak is not cool. How weak must you be to not have the strength to take down someone strong? Yet, you feel more powerful with each kill.

I would love nothin more than opening up and personally running a center for young girls to come and learn essential skills. Feel they belong somewhere and even have a place to stay if needed. To start the journey towards self respect. Learn life skills. How to take care of themselves.

Learn, live and teach LOVE.

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