End of The Day

Spent this evening on the sofa with work. Papers, books, filofax, pens, MacBook & green tea.

Ended my day with the pilot of Marco Polo which to my knowledge appeared recreated from historical facts. To the extent that the series rely on available information I wouldn’t know…. I presume the story is reclaimed with more (or less?) likely events. People who have spent more time than I reading about the man himself, his journeys and historical facts around that age (etc) would be able to point out any factual flaws.

I enjoyed the character of Kublai Khan, portrayed by Benedict Wong. Recently my attention has wandered towards Asia though different paths which bare effect on my interest for the series, I am definitely willing to watch episode two.

Read from the book “Beasts of Mythology” to kid at bedtime. It contains about 30 collected myths from around the world and the ancient times. We’re on about the 8th or 9th; one new myth at night. It is entertaining and exciting for a 6 year old, sure to spark his imagination and give him vivid dreams. I don’t just read through the book in a go; There are new words that he doesn’t know yet that we discuss each time we encounter them, I make sure he understands what I am reading to him and repeat things as well as ask him things. The book is both educational, fun and cool (he loves monsters). Today’s myth was Ammit, as follow up from last nights (previous page) Anubis (good lessons taught to young children about good and evil).


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