What I think INTUITION is

Intuition from the Dictionary

I believe intuition is subconscious knowledge.

It’s like another form of logic.

Or logic in another form.


Intuition is logic but since women process life with feelings more so than the mind it comes vague in a shape called intuition (which is a feeling).

Really it’s your mind processing it but if you’re more emotional it’s going to come as “intuition”.

And I am saying vague because it’s not pure facts calculated by the brain which then can be supported. Intuition is therefore rather unsupported.

Emotional… intuition…. a feeling (feelings).

Logical…. facts….. knowledge (the mind).

Women are more guided by feelings than men are so it is only natural that we are more emotional & wherefore processed information come to us as intuition.

You don’t have to agree.

What is YOUR opinion?


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