El Narco (El Infierno)

El Infierno
El Infierno

El Infierno is an epic black comedy about the world of mafia and organized crime in Mexico. Benjamin Garcia, Benny, deported from the United States, gets involved in the narco business in which he for the first time in his life, is introduced to an spectacular rise surrounded by money, women, violence and fun.

I very much like these types of comedies. Ben Stiller or Waynan brothers types of comedy movies aren’t the kinds I find funny, that’s not really my sense of humor as I find that kind too ridiculous for my personal taste.

El Inferno (Hell in English) is 145 minutes long and unless you know some Spanish or the people that worked with the subtitles did a great job you are likely to miss out and not have an as great experience of the movie as would be possible. I watched it with subtitles in my native language which is Swedish and the job on those subtitles was very poor. Much was left out and it was overall just poorly translated, now I do know at least enough Spanish to realize the poor subtitles so I got enough out of it to appreciate it and see the humor and become fond of it.

Let me share a couple screen captures.

bennyfam el-infierno el-infierno-trailer

It’s on Netflix. At least in Sweden. I have noted that the available movies on there differ depending on the country you are signed up in. Let me know if it’s in Your country in the comments section?


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