A Ninja in Japan

My son Cristiano wearing his Gi.
My son Cristiano wearing his Gi.

I am a proud mother.

Allow me to share that my son has this dream of becoming a ninja in Japan. It is very cute and who am I to stand in his way? Children’s dreams should be encouraged, I feel we don’t have the right to create their limits.

My boy is practising jujutsu/juijitsu. The reason for that specific form of martial art is simply availability. I was searching for clubs and discovered, both by recomendation from a family member and through doing own research one very close to us that luckily enough happens to be one of this countries largest and most successful martial art academy. I navigated over to their official website to try and gather as much information as possible to form an opinion and what I saw was, firstly a very well organised and respectable/high value place where standards is much high in regards to both the physical appearance and also the values and morals which they teach. I looked in to what was available to a child as young as 6 and what I found was something they call (roughly translated from Swedish) Junior Fighters which is a group for children between the ages of 6 and 8 that teaches a mix of Sport Ju-Jutsu and Brasilian Jui-Jitsu.

We have discussed how this is the start of his journey to that dream he has and sharing with my son that his Gi is genuine (not a cheap & fake costume), that it is Japanese, and so on, etcetera information that I have looked up and engage him in fuels his enthusiasm and allow him greater joy about the sport that he is practicing and his dream of becoming a ninja in Japan.


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