It’s now been a few years since I created this blog. Haven’t updated the About page in at least a year and with the recent domain renewal it seems like a good idea to recreate it. Get it up to date with the current life changes and situations. So this page is under reconstruction, previous presentation has been deleted and I plan to update now and then until I consider it a finished project.


JeanXBillie blog profile pic The name is Emmy. Turned 36 this year. Taking a new direction in the job field and currently studying towards higher grades to enter the desired program (believer of keeping certain plans & goal to myself), health enthusiast, rights activist, spiritual in the psychological sense (abstract and conceptual).

Residing 15 minutes away from the capital of the kingdom of Sweden (Stockholm). Mother to a fantastic soon-to-be 7 year old boy who is a big fan of Jackie Chan, takes martial arts classes & wants to become a ninja in Japan.

Health, science, travel and philosophy are four of my favorite interests.

I enjoy writing and have always enjoyed doing so. Created my first blog over a decade ago, it was very unprofessional and the posts consisted of images of the dog I owned, small status updates on things which interested me, some of the poetry I used to write, the injustice in the world and how sweet my boyfriend was. I think I used to host my blog on Blogspot and even Xanga at one point.

Son & I in Greece 2014
Son & I in Greece 2014
Jean X Billie
Just a mirror selfie šŸ™‚




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